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There are some $BETS you don't want to miss.

BetSwirl aims to be THE decentralized gambling platform: provably fair, non-custodial, licensed, trustless and community driven.

While traditional blockchain casinos target the gambler's demographic, BetSwirl aims to bring innovative gameplay with storytelling coupled with eye-pleasing and creative designs.

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Bet it, stake it & share profits.

Own $BETS and play a central role in BetSwirl's DeFi ecosystem. Earn a share of BetSwirl's profits on games in all crypto currencies available in the bank.

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  • 7% Treasury
  • 8% Team
  • 5% Protocol development
  • 20% Games' bank liquidity
  • 21.69% Liquidity
  • 10% Marketing
  • 5% Advisors
  • 7.26% Strategic sale
  • 8.03% Private sale
  • 3.95% IDO
  • 4.07% Burn
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Roadmap 2022

Mainnet Release
end 2021 - Q1 2022
Platform launched on Polygon with Dice and Coin Toss, Referral program and Analytics dashboard. Audit. Presales. Partnerships. $BETS generation. Community building.
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Interactive Gaming
Q2 2022
Dice and Coin Toss interactive Gameplay release. BNB Smart Chain & Avalanche deployments. B2B offering (Titano, Sphere).
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Volume 3
Q3 2022
Bank v3. Roulette. Education content.
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Q4 2022
Community building. Keno. PvP game. Staking program.
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The Metaverse Gaming Platform

The Metaverse Gaming Platform

"Betswirl vision? Integrate online gambling into the VR world. Metaverse is trending, Games are leading this area, but we believe true players will enjoy a full immersive metaverse casino."
Romuald, CEO of Betswirl
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Our vision

Community Driven

Gamers, $BETS holders, developers, every voice should count and BetSwirl will success in the gaming world only by listening to them.

Fair for everyone

We want BetSwirl to be recognized as a symbol of trust by the crypto community. All our games will be provably fair, with a user-friendly way to verify it.

Disruptive gambling

BetSwirl will integrate advanced interactive animations and sounds system to bring an original gambling experience.


Loyalty, dedication and hard work from the team and the community are key for the expansion BetSwirl. We aim to be profitable from day 1, and continually improve our platform's value-creation.

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